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Vintage Lomo 19A19 Condenser Russian Wired Stereo Microphone Set

Vintage Lomo 19A19 Condenser Russian Wired Stereo Microphone Set

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Thee 19a19 was the LOMO microphone that first became legendary in the west. Despite the rumors, it was not used in the 70's by Pink Floyd, however an engineer for Floyd bought up as many as he could find and paid good money for them, which signified to the Russian sellers that this was something worth finding and reselling. expensive LOMO. Adada was able to procure an estimated 200 bodies and began creating what he “gray marketed” as a later edition of the 19a19, although they we LOMO they were make using LOMO parts whenever possible, usually later (smaller) 8a5 capsules. To save on costs the power supplies were hand made point to po silicon goop hold them together in rather common looking project boxes. Also these microphones used a Nuvistor 6N51 tube, a metal casing sub mini microphone t work with, super long life and added even more compression than the original 6B31 glass miniature tube. These microphones were almost entirely sold into the US/ widely circulated on ebay as original 19a19's.

The 19a19 looks like a small hand held dynamic from the outside,but these looks are deceiving. It featured a large diaphragm condenser capsule, high quality miniat specifically for microphone use (kind of like an AC701, but not entirely). An in the body transformer location large rear head-basket, and in improved solid state po Exceptional in quality and reliability, it is worth looking for an original which uses the original glass tube, although the replicas function fine as well.

V. Good Conditional used in professionally maintained studio