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Earthworks TC30K Matched STEREO MICROPHONE SET (used)

Earthworks TC30K Matched STEREO MICROPHONE SET (used)

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Earthworks TC30K is a cost effective general purpose omni which is accurate yet has a warm, life-like sound. It is optimized for fast, clean impulse response. Using a very small, very accurate omnidirectional capsule, a carefully crafted stainless steel body and innovative circuitry the TC30K delivers flat, Time Coherent response from 9 Hz to 30kHz. It effortlessly handles explosive transients and simultaneously reveals subtle detail, delivering all of the sound as it happen in the air. By keeping time relationships coherent and transducing wave forms exactly, Earthworks TC30K accurately captures the experience of being there.

The TC30K is superb for a surprising range of applications, capturing the full size and texture of many difficult sources ranging from moderate to extremely loud. They are quite popular for sources with significant impulse infor- mation, such as Percussion (Overheads, kick drum, hand drums, timbales & etc), Piano, Guitar (Acoustic and Electric), Upright Bass , Brass, Strings, Room Mics, Recording Live Bands and many other applications . The TC30K is even useful for live sound in certain circumstances.

The TC30K can be positioned very close to a source because it does not exhibit the bass proximity effect. This allows you to apply the inverse square law to great effect when isolation is desired and to capture the range of up close sounds which are simply unavailable to mics which get boomy when you get too close. And although they deliver startling bass performance they have almost no handling noise. Even if your current system is only good from 20 to 20K the TC30K will deliver noticeably better sonic clarity and definition. A great value!